Farewell to Schumacher

As Schumacher says farewell to the world of racing, I can’t help but notice the way Ferrari are saying goodbye to him. Instead of celebrating his many achievements, they’ve been focusing entirely on Raikkonen. For all the controversy that has sometimes existed around Schumacher, nobody can deny that he was a talented driver and really symbolized everything Formula 1 and Ferrari wanted to offer. He was one of the best racers and test drivers we’ve ever seen, and I don’t think Formula 1 yet has a champion who could replace him. Other names will be forgotten, but not Schumacher. In many ways, Schumacher was Formula 1.

He’s raced for Ferrari for so long, and always been a loyal member of the team, that it seems doubly shocking that they are abandoning him now. There has been a lot of criticism aimed at both Schumacher and Ferrari, despite his long term loyalty. He deserves better from his old team – and they should be very sorry to lose him. Raikkonen is not a bad driver, but he doesn’t have Schumacher’s style.