Legitimize doping?

Francesco Moser, the great cycling champion that no one is likely to forget, recently made a shocking statement in the wake of more accusations of doping in the professional cycling world. His comments are basically along the lines of saying that since we can’t seem to stop it, the sporting world should instead allow it under strict controls. I’m not sure how that would help? It would probably allow more people to use doping to get ahead while hiding it under supposedly legitimate methods. It wouldn’t increase the fairness in sport at all.

The journalist who broke this story was quick to point out that the other danger of this is that it would set a really bad example to young people. It implies that there are “short cuts” toward health and fitness, and often these short cuts are often dangerous for your health and untested, unregulated, and unadvisable. Moser’s attitude seems to be that many things are dangerous in this world.

Of course, fierce debate erupted immediately around these suggestions, prompting people to ask how they could be applied to other sports like football and athletics. As far as I know, Moser has given no answer to this…