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The sport of professional road cycling has seen a lot of tremendous changes in the past few years. It seems like the old dark days of systematic doping and performance-enhancing drugs are finally over and the races are fair and clean again. There is a new generation on the bike nowadays and that generation is strongly opposed to drugs and speaks out against it. When we watch the big stage races like the Tour of Italy and the Tour de France, we no longer see one team or one cyclist winning those races easily and dominating everyone else. The bookies seem to see it like that as well, especially those who also offer sports betting in combination with a live casino. Sure, the Tour de France remains the most important race in professional cycling and it has been won by a rider from team Sky, which now switched sponsors and competes under the name team Ineos, but those huge dominations we saw 15 years ago seem to be gone, for good.

Not only the sports bookies and their live casino players recognize this change in the culture of professional cyclists but also sponsors. We see a lot of big brands returning to the scene and fill empty sponsorship spots. Even TV channels, who turned their backs on the doping infested sport start to broadcast the road cycling events again. Overall the sport managed to regain popularity and we all can see that when we are driving around in our cars. More and more people are out on the streets on their road bikes and pedal up the hills to stay in shape. Cycling really is experiencing a comeback lots of experts would have never thought to be possible. The TV broadcasters are back, the sponsors are back, the fans are back and even the sports betting community quits an occasional session in live casinos to place their bet on one of the classic races or a big tour, but is the sport entirely out of the woods yet?

Doping still remains a problem but the tough line the road cycling union is riding against cheaters seems to make a difference. There are still dopers being caught but it is a minority and there hasn’t been a positive test during one of the big races for the past few years. In fact, more cheaters are being caught in other sport disciplines like track and field, winter sports or swimming compared to road cycling nowadays. Only the live casinos seems to be immune to cheaters. We should, however, not forget where the sport was only a few years ago. Entire teams were using performance-enhancing drugs and have been successfully covering it up for years. But one thing has been made clear in those years of change in the professional road cycling scene, cheaters are out there and they are in every endurance sport. During the Olympic Winter Games in Russia governments organized entire doping programs, for example. We should remain skeptical when we see an unbelievable performance of a cyclist but we should also give this new generation of professional cyclists a fair chance and enjoy the races.