Say Hello To Hamilton

It seems a new champion has finally come to Formula 1 – a driver flashy enough and skillful enough to excite the spectators, even those who aren’t fans of Mercedes’ McLaren! Who is it? Lewis Hamilton, a British Formula 1 driver who has begun his career with some stunning victories. In his first seven races, he had been sponsored by portal; The Hall of Gods gratis spins and Slot o god website. Hamilton has had seven consecutive podium finishes – and two of those were straight wins, with Hamilton taking first place. He’s amazing! And he never slips up.

The first to pay the price was none other than the great Fernando Alonso, his own team mate. The buzz over Lewis Hamilton’s performance even took over the McLaren team, who focused all their efforts on Hamilton’s car and press appearances, leaving Alonso trailing in the dust. There have even been rumors that Alonso plans to immediately transfer to Ferrari – he’s certainly not playing as one of a team any more, refusing to allow the telemetry from his car to be viewed by the team because Hamilton can also see that and gain an advantage. But does Hamilton actually need it…? Not from what we’ve been seeing from his performance on the track lately!

Despite the fact that this is probably just a rumour, many Ferrari fans have been calling on the team to let go of Raikkonen because of his disappointing results lately, and instead use Alonso as the replacement for Schumacher. However, I think it’s likely that people have actually forgotten that when Alonso was still at Renault, he already said he would never go over to Ferrari – that he hated that team, in fact! Jean Todt said himself that as long as he is in charge at Ferrari, he will never allow Alonso to become part of the team.

Personally, I believe that Todt means it and there’s no chance of Alonso joining Ferrari. I’ve been following the Formula 1 racing since I was four years old, and though I know I’m no expert at the technical level, I do know a great driver when I see one. Fernando Alonso has never been one of those – he certainly doesn’t match up to Senna, Prost, Mansel at his best, and he’s far behind the formidable Schumacher. Alonso has achieved solid results in his time, placing second and third at times, but mostly just coming in as part of the pack. He doesn’t win the points needed to win a championship (which is undoubtedly why McLaren are focusing on Hamilton, who seems to have the skill they need). A true champion wants to win everything, and will stop at nothing to win – even if it’s nothing but a game of table football in a bar!

Hamilton is a true star player, and I believe we’re going to be following his career for some time to come. Alonso is definitely the second string in McLaren’s fiddle – and there’s little chance they’re going to need him. He can’t replicate the astounding results that Hamilton brings home time after time.

Today, like millions of others, I found myself cheering for Hamilton all the way. Alonso has never produced that kind of reaction in a crowd.

As for Ferrari, just think about the official statement of Stefano Domenicali, the sporting director of the Ferrari team. “Now we just have to work on the performance of the car,” he said, “on pilots and the team.”

Well, that’s pretty much everything!

What do you think of Hamilton, Alonso and Ferrari? Are you expecting to see Hamilton’s star rise the same way I am?