Schumacher returns to Ferrari?

More and more sources in Formula 1 are buzzing with the latest news. It seems Schumacher could be back and racing in the Formula 1 races again sometime soon – within the next one or two years! I was already pretty excited about this rumor, but it’s awesome to also know that Schumacher remains in Ferrari’s orbit, promising that he will do the tests for sure next year. Granted, he’s going to limit his involvement so as not to clash with the official test driver, Luca Badoer.

Still, Schumacher’s return bodes really well for Ferrari. He’s amazing at judging the weaknesses of a car and alerting the technicians, and this means he works really well with his cars as well. He knows just how to lean on them to get the most out of them. This would give us a duo of Raikkonen and Schumacher – Massa would just have to go if that was possible.

Is it feasible for Schumacher to return to racing? He wouldn’t be the first. Prost, for example, returned to racing and even won the championship before he retired.

It’s not confirmed yet, but Schumacher’s promise to work as a test driver is a good sign – it gives him a chance to get to know the car and get back in the game. We can only hope! Schumi, please come!