Wire Tapping Controversy

The player Christian Vieri is planning to ask for a huge amount of compensation after reports that he was being spied on by his club, a move justified by thenpresident Moratti. It transpires that the club kept tabs on Vieri by having a private investigator track him, and even had his phone wiretapped, in order to build up a body of evidence about his behavior off-pitch. The reasons Vieri’s legal team are giving for the legal action are all kinds of damage to his public image, to his earning capability, and even to his physical wellbeing. The club claim that such surveillance is justified based on his behavior.

It doesn’t matter how Vieri was behaving, as far as we’re concerned. He had a right to privacy and there’s no way it should be so easy to intercept his private communications. There need to be more controls on this, and there needs to be some kind of watchdog keeping an eye on the Telecom companies.